Paris Freeze

Paris Freeze : The ultimate technology in non-invasive fat removal !

The non-invasive adipose tissue cooling that induces lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells, helps to rid the body fat without damaging other tissues. The scientific principles of this technique were discovered by dermatologists Dieter Manstein, MD, PHD, and R. Rox Anderson, MD, from Wellman Center for Photomedicine of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, CHU affiliated with Harvard Medical School .


The subcutaneous fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissues . Exposure to cold by energy extraction causes apoptosis of fat cells, a natural and controlled death of cells resulting in the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators gradually eliminating target cells.Inflammatory cells gradually digest the targeted fat cells during the months following the procedure, which reduces the thickness of the fat layer.The lipids of the adipose cells are slowly released and transported through the lymphatic system, and subsequently treated and evacuated in the same way as the grease from food.


Some localized fat deposits are resistant to diets and sports activities.Cristal Cryo cools fat cells to a temperature threshold inducing apoptosis of adipocytes.Nerves and surrounding tissues are not harmed. Indeed, only the lipids present in adipocytes crystallize at a temperature greater than water's temperature in the other cells. Following the treatment, fat cells start their cycle of apoptotic death. They are then gradually eliminated by the immune system in the weeks and months that follow.Fat deposits treated diminish significantly. Their decreasing give an improvement of the silhouette.


Treatment of localized fat deposits. Areas indicated:• Belly • Hips • Love Handles • Knee • Thighs • Inner thighs • Arm • Lower back, upper back (area under the shoulder blades)

Session conduct

Skinfold thickness measuring, and marking of the area to be treated.Application of a film and of the skin-protecting gel. Processing of the region between 45 and 60 minutes ; the patient will feel a pulling sensation of the skin and can feel a slight cold on the treated area. Patients can take the opportunity to relax, read or listen to music.

Cost of treatment

The fees depend on the number of areas treated. The love handles are for example 2 zones and the treatment will last approximately one hour. Quote given after doctor's clinical analysis