Body Tightening

The aim

To tighten sagging skin of the face or the body (arms, thighs, abdomen, oval face, jowls, neck, anterior breasts ...).


It is based on the emission of high frequency electric waves through the skin which produces heat. This heat induces shrinkage and production of collagen which improve the firmness and the tension of the skin. We use bipolar radiofrequency with vacuum which ensures safety and maximum efficiency. The sagging skin is reduced to 3 to 7mn.

Indications of radiofrequency currents

It is especially useful against the sagging skin (oval of the face, neck, crumpled cheeks and crow's feet, abdomen, arms ...). Associated with the light from a laser or a flash lamp, it can refine the results in: • Rejuvenation of the face, neck, back of the hands. Improvement in the smoothness of the skin and even complexion. • Reduction of localized cellulitis with improvement of the orange peel effect.

The method

According to the treated area we apply a hand piece on the skin. The application of very high frequency current is felt as heat on each shot. All the skin area, which has to be tighten, is treated. Sensitive but bearable, the sessions are spaced from 1 to 2 weeks.

Number of sessions

Oval, face, neck, abdomen, arms: from 6 to 8 sessions depending on the initial state.

Advantages and disadvantages

he session ends without marks or only a few passengers redness and swelling (24 t o 48h). T h e r e s u l t s a r e v i s i b l e , o n a v e r a g e , from t h e 3 r d session. Regarding indication: we can obtain a smooth appearance, an improvement of the skin elasticity and tone, a strengthened oval, a 'healthy look. In general, the results improve for a few months after the program ends. It is long lasting. The result is maintained with one session every six months.


Quote given after doctor's clinical analysis