Who is he ?

Who is he ?

Dr Georges Roman, pioneering aesthetic facial rejuvenation techniques at the Devonshire Medical Clinic, London. Beginning his career in his native France, Dr Roman worked in general practice, psychology and the emergency room, before settling on aesthetics. For the past 15 years, he has been treating patients from around the world and gathering an international clientele of socialites, celebrities and ladies who lunch.


Nervous types in need of a little facial rejuvenation. His results are always natural and he uses a combination of fillers and injectables to restore volume to sunken faces, smooth lines and wrinkles and restore clarity and radiance to lack-lustre skin.


Roman addresses what his patients need and how best to achieve their desired outcome. "If a woman comes to me to correct the fine lines around her mouth, I have to ask myself if altering those lines is really the answer," he says. "Will it alter the personality of her face, rather than making her look more youthful?" Using a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients injected into the dermis combined with heat therapy, his treatments stimulate the skin's collagen production, helping to reduce pigmentation and refine the skin's appearance.